"You Need Results For Your Immigration Needs. You Need An  Advocate."

Immigration Advocates' Mantra

Immigration Advocates' Law Group is a boutique Employment-Based Immigration law firm with a particular focus on I-140, I-129 and I-485 petitions. Our attorneys have years of experience collectively having dealt with 1000's of cases . Our work motto is to provide an extremely detailed, personal and complete Visa application process whether they are applying for a Green Card or a Non-Immigrant Visa. In short, we truly believe in being our clients' best advocates.
Why Immigration Advocates?
Individualized Legal Brief
We spend time drafting a personalized legal brief to send along with your application explaining to the officer in detail the evidence and how it relates to the relevant legal standard(s).
Reference and Testimonial Letters
We will draft a number of reference letters that we believe best suits your particular filing strategy. ​​
Contractual Turnaround Times
We promise to have letters and your legal brief drafted in no more than 5 business days.
Flat Fees & Qualifying Contingency Fee Arrangements
Flat Fees! In addition, we also offer qualifying contingency fee arrangements.
Free RFE Responses and Appeals
We are your advocate. If your petition runs into any issues, we take care of it without any additional attorney fees.
Only Attorneys, No Paralegals
You deserve the best. We only have attorneys and do not use paralegals or other non-attorneys.
Attorneys from Top US Law Schools
Free No Obligation Case Evaluation: Click Here!
Free No Obligation Case Evaluation: Click Here!
You are at the top of your field and so are we. Our attorneys have graduated from top law schools.
Our Services
EB-1B I-140 Petition
Outstanding Professors and Researchers
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I-485 "Green Card" Application
Adjustment of Status aka "Green Card"
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O-1 I-129 Petition
Individuals of Extraordinary Ability
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EB-1A I-140 Petition
Individuals of Extraordinary Ability
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EB-2 NIW I-140 Petition
Advance Degree Professionals Or Exceptional Ability
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We want to speak with you about your situation. Please fill in the below information and send us an email at [email protected]  with your CV and some information about your background, current situation and where you would like to see yourself go. We respond to all inquiries in less than 24 hours and will set up a time to call you to speak further on the matter.